Golf With Legends Is Great For Tony Romo

IRVING, Texas – Hear me out on this, because I know there's a segment of the Cowboys fandom that wants Tony Romo locked in the quarterback meeting room here at Valley Ranch right this minute, only allowed out for bathroom breaks and maybe a food run to Subway down the street.

It has become comical to me how this guy can't seem to have an offseason hobby like every other American with a nine-to-five job. Never mind the fact that he just finished the best individual season of his NFL career, even though, yes, he watched the playoffs from home. It's a team game, folks.

At least golf requires him to maintain his competitive juices, which leads me to the point: believe it or not, Tony Romo can become a better professional athlete by spending a few days with Tiger Woods in this week's AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. (Aaron Rodgers is there, too, by the way.) 

The same can be said for playing a practice round with Michael Jordan last summer.

We're talking about arguably the two greatest sports competitors this country, maybe the world, has ever seen. These guys are sharks, they're assassins. They've been in every pressure situation imaginable and succeeded.

Doesn't matter if you're shooting a jumper or swinging a nine-iron or throwing a slant route -- there's a similar psychological approach to every sport. They all require focus, confidence, mental toughness.

Woods and Jordan define those qualities on the court/course. You can bet Romo, who has always been fascinated by sports' greatest all-time competitors, picks their brains when there's a free moment.

Who cares if it's golf? From a purely athletic standpoint, what could possibly hurt him by hanging with those guys, learning what makes them tick?

The answer is nothing.

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