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Halftime Quotes From Garrett, Few Players Saturday vs. ARZ


PHOENIX –The Cowboys public relations staff sent a few halftime quotes from the field and locker room Saturday against the Cardinals:

Head Coach Jason Garrett:

"The turnovers were the story of the first half, obviously five turnovers is inexcusable. Happened on offense with fumbles and interceptions and happened in the kicking game with fumbles. Thought our defense did a very good job in the sudden change situations, holding them field goals. To think you turned over five times and only gave them nine points is pretty impressive. Got to keep playing and flip it around, have to go get the ball from them. Have to play more sound on offense."

Quarterback Tony Romo:

"I thought the guys did good. We moved the ball really well. Obviously turnovers are going to get you beat in this league. It is paramount that we don't let that happen again. We are going to have some hard teaching sessions going over this tape, and it will be good for guys."

(Progress from week to week)

"Yes, it has been like it has at training camp. We keep moving the ball and going up and down the field, we just have to do what good football teams do and that is protect the football."

Cornerback Brandon Carr

"For the first defense, we got some good work in today. We had a passing attack offense that we had to prepare for all week. They gave us some different looks, tried to run some screens, tried to run the ball to soften us up. They got a couple of big plays on us but we made the tackle and still tried to work the ball out. Still have to work on some little things but overall when we get down in the redzone, we don't allow touchdowns, we give them field goals. We will trade them field goals for touchdowns. But overall guys are out there competing and hustling."


Wide receiver Dez Bryant:

"I feel like we came out and performed extremely well. Besides the fumbles, everything was great out there. When we get back to practice, I need to make sure I have that ball high and tight, not have it loose and keep it safe so we can go down and get to another play. Again, besides the fumbles, I think we have done extremely well. We were playing explosive, but there's always room to get better."

(Are you in regular season form?)

"I'm close. I think we are all close to being in regular season form. We still need to knock a tad more of that rust off, but besides that, we've been great. Since I've been here, this is my fourth training camp, it's the best training camp we have had, as far as the team. It's the best team, the chemistry has been outstanding. I think that's why we come out here and play as physical as we have. We respect one another, and we are putting ourselves on the line for each other."

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