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Halftime Quotes From Garrett, Few Players Saturday vs. CIN



ARLINGTON, Texas – The Cowboys PR staff provided first-half quotes of the Cowboys' game with the Bengals at AT&T Stadium.

The starters played the first half with a few sprinkled in there in the third quarter.

Head Coach Jason Garrett

Thoughts on the first half:

"I think there were some positive things in the first half. Obviously we controlled the ball and did a good job of scoring in the red zone. I thought the defense did a good job of stopping them. We did have some bad plays though, obviously  the punt return, we can't have that and have to do that better. I thought there was some self-inflicted wounds that we have to improve upon. I thought our guys played hard and thought we made some plays. The defense made two critical plays, taking the ball away from them twice. That gives you such a great opportunity to score points and the offense took advantage of it."

Wide receiver Miles Austin

Offense play in the first half:
"Well there are obviously some things that we have to work on, but that's what we use this time for."

How do you feel at this point in the preseason:
"I feel pretty good, relatively speaking. I feel healthy and ready to go for the season."

Linebacker Bruce Carter

Overall play in first half:
"I think we did a solid job and everybody just going out there and executing our scheme and running to the ball. I think we did a great job."

On how he feels the defense is improving each week under the new system:
"I think it is great. I think guys are buying in and enjoying the system and it works for everybody. We are just having fun with it."

On how he feels:
"As far as the defense as a whole, we are balling out, I am fine."

Defensive Tackle Nick Hayden

Playing with first team:
"It is an awesome feeling, but we just have to keep getting better each day as a whole unit and keep improving off of game tape."

Thoughts on stadium and atmosphere:
"It it awesome. I  have played here before with another team but it is a great venue. I couldn't ask for a better crowd of people to play in front of, the Cowboys fans have been awesome."

Quarterback Tony Romo

First half offensive drives:
"I thought we did some good things. It was good to finally play a half and be able to execute into the second quarter. The guys did a great job against a really good defense and that was really good to see."

On Dez's play and looking like in regular season form:
"I think a lot of guys are doing a lot of good things. Dez had a great night, Miles did great. I think we are continuing to get better and doing that every day since training camp. I think you can tell that we are doing some good things."

Cornerback B.W. Webb [embedded_ad]

On interception:
"It felt good. I was really excited, but give it up to my coaches and teammates for helping me out and be where I am supposed to be."

(Thoughts on AT&T Stadium)
"It is big man, real big. I can't stop looking at the big screen up there. I love it though."

(How do you feel like you have improved each week)
"I just go out and try to get better. Everybody is trying to get better. The older guys and the coaches have been helping me out. Just trying to get better each day."

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