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Hall Of Fame Tackle Rayfield Wright Sees Great Potential In New O-Line

ARLINGTON, Texas – Rayfield Wright won two Super Bowls blocking for Roger Staubach in the 1970s. Today his Pro Football Hall of Fame bust is enshrined in Canton, Ohio, and his Cowboys Ring of Honor plaque hangs at AT&T Stadium.

Wright watched Troy Aikman and the Cowboys win three more Super Bowls in the 1990s with a dominant offensive line. And he sees potential greatness in the current group that protects Tony Romo.

"We've had two great offensive lines as I can recall," Wright said as he and several Cowboys alumni watched Monday's practice as guests of the team. "Roger had a great offensive line which I was a part of, and Troy Aikman had a great offensive line. Since then, I don't think we've had that mixture where you could really gel and come together as one. But now they do, and hopefully it will happen again."

The Cowboys' running backs competition is among the team's biggest preseason storylines as Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar all compete for carries.

As you might imagine, Wright, a six-time Pro Bowl tackle during his 14-year career (1967-80), believes the team's fortunes in the run game start up front.

"If you played behind our line in the '70s or Troy's line in the '90s or this line right here that's being developed right now, any running back can run the ball," he said.

Does the Hall of Famer think the Cowboys are a championship caliber team as currently constructed?

"My honest opinion? Yes, with this offensive line," Wright said. "If everybody does their job, we can get there."

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