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Head-To-Toe Beauty

Written by Sydney Durso

As a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, it is important to always look and feel your best!

First of all, our hair requires a little (actually, a lot) of extra love and attention. Between our jobs, DCC appearances, performances and games, our locks go through daily washing, blow-drying, curling, flat-ironing and styling, so it is extremely important for all of us to follow a few steps in order to keep our hair healthy.

I get a deep conditioning treatment every four weeks! Not only does it feel great, but it adds body and shine to my hair. Also, whenever I start seeing split ends, I get a trim.

*"My hair gets tangled easily, so after I shower I comb through it with a detangling spray to help get the knots out!" *
– Amelia Bren

It is important for the DCC to have bright and clear complexions. Our secret to great skin? Water! Of course, you can schedule facials every few months to slough off those dead skin cells and start fresh, but H2O is what's going to keep your skin looking fresh, radiant, and dewy all day, every day! I wash my face with a soap-free, gentle cleansing wash at night before I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up. I also apply a fragrance-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic light moisturizer that contains SPF.

"I use a nightly eye cream. I work long days, and as a DCC I have long nights at practice. Applying an eye cream helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. There is nothing prettier than a bright smile and bright eyes!"
– Jackie Bob

"I wash my face every morning and night, and I always use a serum and moisturizer after that!"
– Amber Lea

"I can't live without oil absorbing sheets!"
– Kamilah Brett

"I always keep makeup remover wipes in my purse, so after a sweaty workout or practice I can immediately wash my face to avoid any unnecessary breakouts!"
– Alyssa Torres

While it is a must to exercise daily to keep our bodies in shape and feeling good on the inside, it is also important to keep our skin looking smooth and toned on the outside. I don't know what I would do without my favorite exfoliating bath mitts. They cleanse and exfoliate, and they leave my skin extra soft. An exfoliating body scrub or polish also does the trick. Having smooth, exfoliated skin is also the perfect prep for an even and natural spray tan.

All of the DCC love makeup. Of course, we all use different methods of applying it, different styles and colors and different products, but in the end, it's makeup and we all love it!

"I have a laid back style, so I keep my make up quick and easy every day! I apply a tinted moisturizer, a little mineral powder, a coral blush, mascara, and lip balm!"
– Kaitlin Ilseng

"I don't go anywhere without a few of my favorite lip glosses close by. If I am having a horrible hair day or my makeup doesn't look quite how I want it to, I can always count on my shimmery lip glosses to make me feel my best!"
– Mia Greenhouse

*"I can't live without mascara and lip balm!" *
– Alyssa Torres

Those are just a few head-to-toe beauty tips from the DCC! Remember, it is important to take care of your hair, skin, and body by following a healthy diet, exercising daily and incorporating things such as washing your face before you go to bed and exfoliating once or twice a week into your schedule. Feel free to share your favorite beauty tips and must-have items. I would love to hear them!

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