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History Hasn't Been On Cowboys' Side With 18th Overall Pick

Here's a trend the Cowboys need to buck next year. How about getting some quality with the No. 18 overall pick?

That's where the Cowboys are sitting currently for next April's NFL Draft. Of course, we've seen Jerry Jones' draft-day tendencies to move up and down to either get more value or to collect picks. So it's not always a safe assumption to think the Cowboys will stay put at No. 18.

And while the sample size isn't huge, history has not been kind to the Cowboys at that spot.

Four picks in Cowboys history at No. 18.

Bobby Carpenter.

Mike Sherrard.

Thomas Henderson.

Sonny Gibbs.

Ok so among those four players, we're talking about just one Pro Bowl, which went to Henderson in 1978. And he is obviously the best player from this group, but some would argue his career never lived up to high expectations as well.

More than just the lack of Pro Bowls, how about just getting on the field?

Of these four players taken at the 18th overall spot, they have a combined 11 seasons under their belt.

When you think of a first-round pick, no matter if it's high in the draft or low, you're thinking he's got a good chance to be around for a while. Any player you take, it's expected to he will not only play through that first five-year contract, but should be able to play another handful of years, too.

These four guys alone made it 11 as a group.

Henderson played five years, Carpenter just four while Gibbs, a quarterback from TCU in 1963, and Sherrard had just a season each. Injuries played a factor for Sherrard, but it doesn't matter whose fault it is, you expect more than just one season from your first-round pick.

Circumstances are obviously different these days, with a lot more homework done on these players. But draft busts still exist.

For a team like the Cowboys who realistically could use some kind of help at every position on the field, they have to be exactly right at No. 18 this year. There is absolutely no room for error because this team needs so much help.

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