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HOF Tackle Seeing Greatness In Smith

If you subscribe to the "takes one to know one" theory then comments made by former Cowboys great Rayfield Wright when talking about rookie tackle Tyron Smith have to be encouraging.
Wright, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor at Cowboys Stadium, said he's kept his eye on the Cowboys' rookie right tackle this year and so far, he loves what he sees.

"I've been watching him the entire season," Wright said at the Cowboys' Legends radio show with Nate Newton Wednesday night in Arlington. "It's very interesting for him to be as young as he is and for him to perform the way he's performing. When he first started out, there were some missteps there and the quickness of his setup. But as games continued to progress you can see a big change in him."

So Rayfield, just how good can Tyron Smith be?

"I think he's going to be one of the greatest tackles, outside of myself," Wright said with a laugh. "He's awesome. He's playing really good football right now. I really like how he's moving his feet. Footwork has been excellent." 

Smith has started all seven games this year and has experienced more trouble lately, allowing a team-high 5 ½ sacks. But it seems clear, at least to one Hall of Famer, that the Cowboys 20-year-old right tackle is certainly on the right track.

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