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Instant Review: Staff Writers Give Quick Analysis Following Cowboys' Win In London

LONDON – The Cowboys got a much-needed win over the Jags here at Wembley Stadium, improving to 7-3 after a 31-17 win, a game that wasn't as close as the final score.

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David Helman: I thought the run game would feature more prominently than the pass game, but this is essentially how I thought this would play out. The Jaguars had enough firepower to hang around for about 20 minutes, then the Cowboys took over. I've seen Dez Bryant have extraordinary days on plenty of occasions, but I've never seen him decimate an opponent so thoroughly in just one quarter of work. He was pound-for-pound the best player on the field on Sunday, especially in that brilliant second quarter. More importantly for the Cowboys is the big picture. Tony Romo appears to be just fine, and the winning ways have been restored in time for the bye week. The Cowboys won't play again for two weeks, and they now have a four-game cushion heading into the home stretch. Dallas needed this win to help give itself breathing room, and the Cowboys got it.

Bryan Broaddus: The Jaguars came into this meeting with the Cowboys as the best Red Zone defenses in the NFL while on the other side of the ball – the Cowboys were ranked ninth when it came to offensive production there. My gut feeling was that the Cowboys would be 4-for-4 on their trips and that would put the Jaguars in some difficult situations defensively. The Cowboys only managed one trip in the Red Zone on this day due to their touchdowns coming from distance but that one trip was classic Tony Romo. His ability to move in the pocket, see the field and get the ball to Jason Witten was an area that this team missed last week against the Cardinals.

Nick Eatman: With Romo's return, and a return to the win column, I made a decent return with my predictions as well. I didn't think this one would be very close and it wasn't at all. The Cowboys did pretty much anything they wanted to. The attitude was good all week and it was apparent on the field before the game. This team looked as focused as I could ever remember. And I really don't care what the final score ended up being because the Cowboys dominated when it matter most. This team simply HAD to get to 7-3 and that's what they did. Tony Romo just makes it all go for this team. Yes, I thought Murray would have a great day, even 200 yards. And after a quarter, he was on pace with 50 yards but it stalled after that. Dez Bryant actually had the monster game instead. Either way, it all stems from Romo. The Cowboys were clearly the better team before the game and it's even clearer afterwards. Much-needed win! Now let's go home.


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