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Jake Ferguson Making Most Of Playing Time


FRISCO, Texas – Just as he approached the end zone on Sunday Night Football against the Eagles, Jake Ferguson pulled a stutter-step move that even Dirk Nowitzki would be proud of to notch his first career touchdown.

Ferguson said he didn't remember much after making the elusive move, but he did know the play had been rehearsed several times in practice.

"It was awesome," Ferguson said. "Lining up for that play I was like, 'Alright, this was mine.' We had it a couple times in practice earlier last week, and I was wanting to grab the ball. And honestly, I kind of blacked out and came to when I was running across that goal line."

More than that, his first career touchdown might have meant more than some would expect. After the game Ferguson said he got a special call from his mom, who lives in Fort Meyers, Fla.

"My mom was going crazy," Ferguson said. "She's dealing with the hurricane right now down in Fort Myers. So, she's dealing with a lot and said, 'I just barely watched it and everybody's going crazy. The island's go crazy.' And so that's always a good feeling and I'm definitely just very grateful."

The rookie tight end from Wisconsin has quickly impressed while Dalton Schultz has missed time with a nagging knee injury that has kept him off the field at times for the last few weeks.

With it still being unclear what Schultz's status could be this upcoming Sunday against the Lions, both Ferguson and fellow rookie Peyton Hendershot look like they will get a chance to continue what have been nice starts for the each of them.

In six games (four starts), Ferguson has racked up seven catches for 60 yards. He has also been a crucial piece of the running game ahead of Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard in the way of run blocking, though he would tell you that being able to be an impactful run blocker and receiving threat is simply a part of the job title.

"I guess it's more of just being ready," Ferguson said. "Opportunities are going to come in the run game and in the pass game. And if my number is called and I'm in that huddle, I have to do my best to make it happen."

While Ferguson has primarily worked with Cooper Rush this season, it appears starting quarterback Dak Prescott is pointing toward a return to the lineup in Week 7 against the Lions after missing the last five weeks with a thumb injury.

For Ferguson, that could present an opportunity to show his level of play has been anything but a fluke while beginning to see live action with Prescott. Like the rest of the Cowboys' locker room, Ferguson is excited at the potential of having Prescott back as early as this Sunday.

Ferguson said Prescott has still been extremely active in helping coach him and others up as a way to continue to build those relationships.

"You see it every day," Ferguson said of Prescott's leadership. "The guy wasn't playing for a couple of weeks, yet he's in every meeting, he's around talking to us through stuff. It just helps you want to work that much more, and work on those little things. He's making those connections with everybody."

The tips Prescott has given Ferguson must be paying off. When Ferguson caught his first touchdown of his career back last Sunday, he said he held onto the ball and didn't let it go.

"I remember looking down at my hand and I was not letting go of that ball," Ferguson said. "But I just walked back [to the sideline] and held onto the ball and sat down."

When asked where the ball will end up, Ferguson gave his answer with a wry smile.

"Hopefully it doesn't mean that much because there's a bunch [more] after it. But, we'll see what happens," he said.

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