Jerry Fine With Philly's Hype; Vicks Weighs In

The Cowboys and Eagles have had many great games over the years. Most of them have occurred anywhere from September to January.

But this one in early August is heating up as well.

Rob Ryan's quote about the "all-hype team" last week, which presumably was a reference to the Eagles and their abundance of high-profile free-agent signings, has garnered enough headlines.

But now Philly's Michael Vick felt the need to weigh in on the topic, saying he's disrespected by Ryan's quotes.

"I felt that was inappropriate, but he is going to have to deal with us and he's going to have to find solutions just like everyone else," Vick said. "We don't talk. We go about our business the right way. Maybe we'll make him eat his words. I hope he (can) back it up.

"I rarely let my emotions get the best of me, but when I feel like people are taking shots at our organization -- my team -- yeah, I'm going to respond"

While Ryan has never mentioned the Eagles by name, one can only assume his reference would be to the Eagles, who swooped in at the last minute to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, a personal friend of Ryan, who was involved in the Cowboys' pursuit of the former Raiders cornerback.

Whether or not the Eagles are upset with Ryan's all-hype words, it can't be denied that Philadelphia will be the heavy favorites to win the NFC East, and possibly become the NFC's representative for the Super Bowl.

For Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones, he knows the feeling.

" Well, that happened to us last year and I can share with them or anybody else just because it looks good on paper, doesn't mean it's going to work," Jones said. "I stand as a very vivid, live example of that."

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