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Jerry Insists No Fluctuating in Dak's Negotiations


As Dak Prescott continues to play through this season without a new contract, there seems to be a narrative that his price tag is fluctuating with every win or loss.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked the question on his weekly radio show on 105.3 "The Fan" in Dallas and basically said it couldn't be further from the truth.

"Well, first of all, the narrative about his financial as opposed to how he's playing is laughable. It's just not that way," Jones said. "It's too much on both ends of that for both ends of the team and for Dak to equate his performance, stats, or won-loss these first two or three games."

If that answer didn't get the message through, Jones tried again.
"Let me get that real clear. It's not impacting that with me at all," Jones said. "But I do see Dak showing the ability to handle adversity and basically go out and make the kind of plays that win important games for the Cowboys in the future. I see that."

The Cowboys started 3-0 and Prescott was one of the NFL's leaders in passer rating, having thrown just two interceptions. However, in the last two games, he has thrown four picks, including three last week against the Packers.

Yet, Prescott did throw for a career-high 463 yards and had the Cowboys somewhat back in the game after being down 31-3.

Jones applauded Prescott's toughness and his ability to rally his teams under pressure. "There's not but one way to see it, and that's when you get in those critical situations," Jones said. "I've seen guys' knees buckle when they get in that spot. Dak's don't. And, so, from that standpoint these trying times give you another read to look at. When expectations are up, when everybody knows he's getting in the huddle, things aren't going good. The momentum is going the other way so to speak. Well, I see Dak step up there and continue to make the play."

Dak is currently making $2.02 million this season, ranking 22nd among all quarterbacks in the NFL. However, Dak's average per season is only $680,840 from his original contract he signed as a rookie. And that ranks 75th among all quarterbacks in the league.