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Jerry Jones Doesn't Expect Next Week's Game To Be Flexed

IRVING, Texas – Owner Jerry Jones doesn't anticipate next week's noon kickoff between the Cowboys and Redskins to get flexed into a later time slot.

That game will undoubtedly have monumental playoff implications, regardless of what happens this week in a bunched up NFC East, but Jones said on his weekly radio show on 105.3 FM "The Fan" that he doesn't expect the switch to be made to a more national audience.

"Right now it's scheduled to be played as played, and I'm doubtful that one will be changed," Jones said.

Jones touched on a number of subjects, from the playoff race to coming back from a 3-5 record to the numerous Steelers fans who invaded Cowboys Stadium last week.

He originally said he thought around 15,000 Steelers fans were in attendance, but he upped that estimate to about 16,000 or 17,000. It seemed to be more than that. Jones expects a similar occurrence when the Saints come to town, and he said the Cowboys sold 6,000 party passes on Monday alone.

"I admire the Steelers support, but we were able to kind of keep them toned down on Sunday," Jones said. "This New Orleans bunch will probably bring in as many or more than the Steelers did."

After that Steelers game, Jones made a comment about wide receiver Dez Bryant possibly needing a bone graft from his hip to fix his fractured finger later in the year, which Bryant vehemently denied he'd do. Jones clarified Wednesday that he might have spoken too soon, and that the bone would really be taken from another part of Bryant's hand, a procedure similar to one Orlando Scandrick received.

Jones commended Bryant for fighting through the finger injury last weekend. The receiver has recorded six straight games with a touchdown grab, and the offense's production, as well as the defense's ability to deal with injury, has the Cowboys primed for a playoff push.

Jones said every day beginning in the spring the scouts continually look for players to bring in and work out in case they need to be a part of the team in future weeks. He said the team never panicked after starting 3-5, and the ability to get street free agents ready to contribute has helped the Cowboys overcome the early stages of the season. 

"By the numbers, you can win 11 games," Jones said about starting the season with five losses in eight games." I had realized we had lost a couple we might have won. We were losing a couple of pretty good players there.

"The right way for me to say where I am is the verdict's still out at 3-5."

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