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Jerry Jones Gives Latest on Zeke, D-Hop & More


FRISCO, Texas — It's mandatory mini-camp week for the Dallas Cowboys, and that means they're about to take the final major step toward the start of 2023 training camp in July. As they prepare to head into the summer reset, post-minicamp, they do so with a lot of items of interest to sift through.

On Monday, owner and general manager Jerry Jones addressed several of those considerations, from Ezekiel Elliott to looming contract talks with cornerstone players and a lot in-between.

Having worked out seven players before signing a wide receiver to replace a newly-released Antonio Callaway, this week is off to a fast start; and Jones provided key updates as fuel.

  1. Jones is making it no secret that the Cowboys are not out on a potential reunion with Ezekiel Elliott, at least not until/unless he joins another team. The Hall of Fame owner said the club hasn't had any talks with Elliott's camp regarding a possible return, but that it's still "wide open for me".
  2. One thing that isn't "wide open" for the Cowboys, pun intended, is a potential signing of DeAndre Hopkins. The front office has all but put the kibosh on the idea, considering the trade for Brandin Cooks, and while nothing it's impossible — as Jones noted — it is indeed very "unlikely" they go after Hopkins.
  3. The team is "constantly working" on contract situations and, of course, that means thoughts of nailing down negotiations on headline players like CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs, Tony Pollard, Micah Parsons and Dak Prescott. As far as identifying which could land first, Jones says there's no set order and the Cowboys aren't using training camp as a deadline to get any extensions done — the mid-July deadline on Pollard notwithstanding.
  4. Jones said the Cowboys "have a lot of options and are looking for more" at the kicker position, understanding there's currently no long-term solution despite Tristan Vizcaino having had a solid performance in OTAs. It's not guaranteed the Cowboys add a kicker before training camp because "nothing is imminent", but it "is likely", per Jones.
  5. As it stands atop the month of June, the Cowboys have no plans to induct a new name into the Ring of Honor in 2023. That might change, however, considering Jones also said he'll likely revisit the thought not long "into the year" due to team legend DeMarcus Ware being "front-and-center", i.e., set to join Jones in immortalization in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August.

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