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Jerry Jones' Reaction To Latest Ruling Denying Elliott A Preliminary Injunction

FRISCO, Texas – Following Monday's court ruling that denied a preliminary injunction for Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones again expressed disappointment with the NFL's processes in determining a six-game suspension for Elliott in August.

The league suspended Elliott for violating the league's personal conduct policy even though the Columbus (Ohio) City Attorney's Office announced in September 2016 that Elliott would not face charges over allegations of domestic violence by a former girlfriend. Elliott has adamantly denied those allegations.

Jones said Elliott is a "victim of overcorrection" by the league regarding its policies against domestic violence dating back to the Ray Rice case, in which the former Baltimore Ravens running back was initially suspended two games in 2014 – and then suspended indefinitely after video footage of an incident surfaced.

"The ruling (Monday) really has more to do with the scope of the commissioner's (Roger Goodell's) authority and not really a bearing on whether Zeke is guilty of domestic violence or not," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. "That's where this stuff gets so convoluted, let's say. But I am very troubled by the swings that we've had."

Jones continued, saying, "I can show you many positive things that this commissioner, Roger, has done, is doing – and I can show you some things that he wants to take back. This is a very example of it. I'm sure he'd like to take back his initial Ray Rice stance and a few others. He's in the process of having tried to correct that, and in doing so, Zeke is a victim of an overcorrection."

Without an injunction, Monday's ruling paves the way for Elliott's six-game suspension to be reinstated. The All-Pro running back has played in all seven games this season and ranks seventh in the league with 690 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns.

According to and reports, Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted a 24-hour stay of the suspension to allow the NFLPA to consider appeal options on behalf of Elliott.

Without Elliott on the field, the Cowboys would turn to backups Alfred Morris, Rod Smith and Darren McFadden.

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