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Jerry Jones Wants Dez Back In 2018, Plans To Meet With Him Soon

INDIANAPOLIS – A conversation is coming between Dez Bryant and Cowboys executives – though no one wants to say what it's about.

Bryant's contract situation has been a subject of constant conversation here at the NFL Combine, as has been the case for much of the offseason, and Saturday brought a new voice to the table. Holding his annual Combine press session with local media, Cowboy owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he planned to talk to his Pro Bowl wide out.

Given the strong relationship between the two, Jones said it's a conversation he's comfortable having with Bryant.

"We plan on visiting with him about his business. We are both very comfortable, being very candid," Jones said. "When you have got that kind of relationship and I do with him, then I'm optimistic when I am sitting here this time next year we would have done a real good job on his business."

Jones declined to elaborate on what exactly that business entails. All of this speculation stems from Bryant's $16.5 million salary cap hit, which far outpaces his 69 catches and 838 yards in 2017. But when Jones was asked about that contract, Jones was reluctant to get into the nuts and bolts of the issue.

"The reason we don't discuss contract is that it is implies there is an issue with the contract," he said. "That is not fair, to imply that there is anything until we sit down and announce we have done something one way or another. It takes two. It takes him and us to do anything with his contract. I'm going to leave it at that."

Even still, it's clear the two parties have something to discuss. Jones said he still views Bryant as a No. 1 receiver, but he plans to meet with Bryant "in the immediate future." That raises the obvious question: why does there need to be a conversation if Bryant is still a top tier receiver?


In that regard, Jones pointed out that the Cowboys have made financial decisions with players all across the spectrum of performance in the past.

"We have addressed guys in the prime of their careers' contract before," he said. "We have made adjustments in their contracts. We continue to look for ways to improve your value on your roster."

Whatever the upshot of this conversation is, it sounds like it will be resolved sooner rather than later. Jones echoed that sentiment, which team executive vice president Stephen Jones expressed earlier this week.

However vague Jones might have been about the process, he was clear about his desired result – which is that, one way or another, Bryant remain right where he is.

"You have asked me as I sit here 'Do you want him on the team next year,' and my answer is yes," he said.

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