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Jerry Jones Would Consider Return For Josh Brent


OXNARD, Calif. – It only took three words for owner/general manager Jerry Jones to make his stance clear on a possible return for Josh Brent.

"We'll consider that," Jones said Wednesday.

Following the opening press conference, Jones expounded on the possibility of a return for Brent, who's been released from jail after serving 180 days for a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown.

Brent retired from the NFL as a member of the Cowboys prior to the start of last season, and the team would need to await word from the league about any possible suspension if Brent does get reinstated.

It certainly sounds like Brent, who's currently spending time in rehabilitation following his release from jail, could return to the Cowboys.

"I do believe in paying your debt…paying the price," Jones said. "To the extent that he does that, and I don't have the information you would need to have to make that consideration, as far as Josh Brent is concerned, we have stood with Josh Brent from the very beginning and will continue. Josh Brent deserves an opportunity. He's made a terrible mistake, knows it, I know firsthand has contrition. I know that, and so, yes, I'll consider giving him an opportunity."

Jones said he's talked with Brent within the last month. While some could view a return for Brent as a poor message or decision, Jones takes a different viewpoint.

"I think we've got to ask the other side of the question, is, 'Do you get a chance to start over? Do we believe in paying your dues and getting a chance to start over?' That's the other side of that," Jones said. "Principally, in this country, we believe in giving an opportunity to pay your dues and pay your penalties and move forward." [embedded_ad]

Any possible return is still in its beginning stages. Jones said he doesn't know the details of where Brent's at or on what basis the team would let Brent rejoin, but it is something he will consider moving forward.

"I've known Josh before he had the tragic accident," Jones said. "I feel that certainly he has paid a high price, and I've always thought he had a lot of really good qualities. Like many of us, he certainly has his foibles. To the extent that he pays his price to society, to the extent that he can become eligible to become a player in the NFL, than I'm all for him coming in."

Jones said the NFL is a great forum to build back a player's reputation.

"Adam Jones is talking to all of our rookies right now at all our rookies seminars -- Adam Jones," he said. "Tank Johnson is talking to all our rookies. Tank Johnson and Adam Jones talk to the rookies about how to do it the way I didn't do it. Or what not to do, because I did it. 

"That can be pretty compelling, people listen to that, and can be contributing to helping people have better lives and us having a better league, a positive contribution."

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