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Jerry OK With Dez On Returns, But Fulltime?

ARLINGTON, Texas --Although Dez Bryant is an obvious threat in the return game, it must be pointed out that he fractured his fibula as a rookie on a kickoff return and was also bothered for several weeks by a deep thigh bruise suffered in the 2011 opener against the Jets.

It's a fair question, then, for Jerry Jones as Bryant looks for a breakout season on offense: is the Cowboys owner/GM comfortable with him fielding punts, too?

"I have no issue with us making business decisions relative to him returning punts," Jones said Wednesday as Bryant rotated with Dwayne Harris during practice at Cowboys Stadium. "What I do want him to do is to get enough repetitions so he can have a sense of fielding them and when to field them and when not to field them on that basis and make those kinds of judgments.

"But I like him back there to use him when we've got a long field or we've got a chance for a return. He's quite a weapon and I'm for using him."

The last part of Jones' answer caught my attention. Terence Newman was never a full-time punt returner, but the Cowboys used him when opponents were backed up in their own territory.

Might the Cowboys make a "business decision" to limit Bryant to spot duty rather than full-time responsibility?

Maybe that's what they would prefer, but it's clear they don't have a better talent there. Bryant has averaged 10.6 yards on 30 career punt returns. Harris averaged 5.3 yards on 15 returns as a rookie last year.

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