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Jerry "Pleased" With Garrett's Staff

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke to reporters in Indianapolis early Friday morning and addressed several topics from the team's draft needs to the Super Bowl issues earlier this month at Cowboys Stadium.

In between, Jerry seems rather excited about the coaching staff Jason Garrett has put together.

"I'm really pleased. I think he's assembled in our combination of our new coaches and the ones he's retained," Jones said. "As I've said earlier, he didn't have to retain a coach. It was a process . . . one of the things I was pleased about was how enthusiastic the coaches were about joining Jason and about joining the makeup of this team.

"Uniformly, the coaches that came to this team were impressed with our personnel and were impressed with the opportunity to win football games with the people they're looking at right now that are Dallas Cowboys. In my mind, that's how we got a guy like Jimmy Robinson, because the combination of his relationship with Jason and plus, the (positivity) of who Jimmy is going to be coached."

Jones added that the uncertainty surrounding the potential work-stoppage didn't affect Garrett and the Cowboys' ability to hire new coaches.

"I'm really pleased with where we are," he said. "Again, we are dealing in an offseason that is pretty unique. But everybody ready to work and coach in these times that we're in over the next weeks and months ahead."

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