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Jones Cites Interest In No. 9 Pick

Speaking at the spring NFL owners meetings in New Orleans, Jerry Jones told reporters that two teams have approached the Cowboys about possibly trading for their No. 9 overall pick.

"It certainly enhances the value of that ninth pick," Jones said, "because not only are we going to have a player that I think will make a difference for us now, we really have the opportunity to move down and are going to have that opportunity."

Jones obviously didn't state which teams have inquired and said the Cowboys have not settled on a draft strategy. But such discussion (and to an extent, gamesmanship) is normal just over a month before the draft. Nothing wrong with finding more options, even if the Cowboys wind up staying pat and picking at 9.

There's been a lot of mock speculation that the elite prospects dry up past the eighth pick. Maybe that's so. The Cowboys, though, have done pretty well picking in the top 10 over the years, netting players like Troy Aikman, Russell Maryland, Greg Ellis, Roy Williams and Terence Newman. All made a strong impact, even if all weren't franchise cornerstones.

It's a risk to trade out of that area and possibly miss an elite player.

At the same time, if they felt the entire first round was deep enough, trading down could stockpile more draft picks and help them fill more needs. They have several -- offensive line, defensive end, safety, cornerback -- and the uncertain start to free agency (as well as the financial structure of it) could hinder their ability to upgrade that way.

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