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Jones Confirms Starting Rotation Between Jenkins, Scandrick

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones confirmed Friday (105.3 KRLD-FM) that second-year cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick indeed will rotate in the starting lineup, with Jenkins getting the first opportunity Sept. 13 at Tampa Bay.

"I think first of all they've both really had a great off-season," Jones said. "They've continued to improve. Real talented corners, glad we've got them. Probably that says better than any way you can say it.

"They're both going to be on the field, for all practical purposes, equally. And in many of the things we're doing they'll be out there at the same time. There's probably no such thing as a starter."

Jones was referring to the nickel and dime packages that feature three cornerbacks (Jenkins, Scandrick and starting left corner Terence Newman), with Scandrick playing the slot.

With NFL offenses employing more spread formations, defenses now need at least three capable corners. That's why Jones and the Cowboys don't believe there will be a true winner and a loser in this tight competition at right corner. Both probably will play a lot together against three-receiver sets.

Jones emphasized that the team isn't "running a race here" at the position, and they view two young, starting-quality corners as an asset rather than a problem.

"You need those skills all over that field," Jones said. "You don't just need it at one spot and the other one sitting on the bench. You can have it out there a lot, and that's what we've got."

-Rob Phillips

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