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Jones Discusses Brown Family Invite; Bryant, Ratliff Status

IRVING, Texas – Owner Jerry Jones discussed a range of topics circulating the Cowboys organization on his weekly radio show, but one comment regarding linebacker Jerry Brown's family's  compassion struck deepest.

Jones said on 105.3 FM "The Fan" that Brown's mother, Stacey Jackson, requested Josh Brent not only attend Brown's services on Tuesday, but that Brent rides with Brown's family and sits with them during the event.

"The family, we're flying them in on our plane," Jones said. "Josh is here on Stacey's request."

On the football side of things, Jones also touched on the injury to wide receiver Dez Bryant's finger and the status of nose tackle Jay Ratliff.

Jones said the severity of Bryant's injury to his left index finger is still being evaluated, but Bryant "will be the ultimate decision-maker" on whether or not he should have surgery now or play with "a lot of protection." Head coach Jason Garrett indicated Monday that a decision on season-ending surgery would be more in the hands of the medical staff.

While Jones said surgery isn't imminent at this point, he understands the possible ramifications of waiting on surgery.

"The reason for the surgery now is because without it you could have career-lasting stiffness, or life-lasting stiffness," Jones said. "People that know hand surgery know if you get in there and fix it you have a chance of playing."

Jones referenced a different injury to Terrell Owens that the former receiver played through, despite a risk of permanent stiffness in his finger, before having surgery after the season.

"We know a lot right now and we'll get a little more information in the next day or so," Jones said of Bryant's injury.

Jones didn't go into details regarding his alleged altercation with Ratliff in the locker room after the Cowboys' home victory against the Eagles two weekends ago, but he offered some encouraging words toward Ratliff.

"You've heard the old deal that was goes on in there stays in there," Jones said. "Obviously, it didn't. But I think the world of Jay."

Jones said Ratliff's worked tirelessly to be where he is, and he knows how important the game is to the nose tackle. He said Ratliff remains doubtful to return this week, but the team could certainly use him and he would be out on the field if he had a healthy leg to stand on.

"Jay has had injuries this year that are just mind-boggling considering the player that he has been for us," Jones said. "We let the emotion of the game the other day get to us, but that's just the way things work sometimes. He wants to win. He wants to do everything he can for the team, and that's the way I want it."

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