Jones Doesn't Discuss Jenkins' Contract

PALM BEACH, Fla. – In the last seven months, the Cowboys have signed cornerbacks Orlando Scandrick and Brandon Carr to long-term contracts worth roughly $75 million combined.

The natural question becomes, when is Mike Jenkins next?

Reports Tuesday said Jenkins' side would like to get an extension done as he enters the final year of his 2008 first-round rookie contract. For the Cowboys, it would mean locking up each of their current top three corners, all in their mid-20s.

Team owner/GM Jerry Jones declined questions about the possibility of extending Jenkins this year.

It's worth considering that, after using most of their cap room on franchising linebacker Anthony Spencer and signing seven new free agents in the last two weeks, there are only so many guys the Cowboys can take care of at once. Jenkins also still in the process of recovering from surgery, and should be ready by training camp. Signing Spencer long-term is also possible at some point.

But head coach Jason Garrett views Jenkins as an integral part of the defense going forward. He said Tuesday that they haven't really discussed yet if Carr, a right cornerback with the Chiefs, would move to Jenkins' right side. They think both can be effective regardless of where they line up.

For what it's worth, Jones did not rule out drafting a cornerback in the first round because it's a "premium position."

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