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Jones: Josh Brent Will Return To Team Facility Monday


ARLINGTON, Texas – Josh Brent is expected to return to the Cowboys' facility Monday, after agreeing to a modified suspension.

Brent was suspended 10 games for a drunken driving accident that resulted in the death of his teammate and friend, Jerry Brown. Brent's still suspended 10 games with the new agreement, but he's allowed to return the Cowboys' facility to work out and attend meetings two weeks earlier than originally planned.

"Josh Brent will be at the facility," said owner/general manager Jerry Jones. "He won't practice, but he'll be at the facility to continue everything but practicing with the team." 

Brent was originally unable to attend the facility or participate in team activities, including team meetings and conditioning, until Week 7. Now, he'll be able to do that in Week 5 and

begin practicing Week 9, as long as he complies with the conditions of reinstatement and stays out of trouble.

Jones said Brent's return doesn't diminish the sorrow for Jerry Brown or his family, and he hopes the return can help them.

"Josh has a wish he'd really like to have some success and financially help and take responsibility for Jerry Brown's daughter," Jones said. "He's told me that every time I talked to him on the phone, this within the last six, seven times we've talked. Tomorrow, it will start."

Jones said if Brent, who hasn't played since December 2012, returns to the Cowboys and gets his weight and conditioning right, he may get a chance to return to the field.

As for whether Brent will be able to travel to London [embedded_ad]

with the Cowboys in Week 10, Jones said, "We'll see." The Cowboys have a bye week in Week 11, and Brent is first eligible to play for the Cowboys in Week 12 against the Giants.

"All I really know, without being defensive, he will be back with the team tomorrow, and we'll go from there," Jones said. "I know that he's had a lot of time. He's very contrite. He understands how much sorrow that he was responsible for, and I think he's going to be inspired to try to do the right thing."

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