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Jones: Romo 100 Percent Healthy; Still On Schedule


OXNARD, Calif. – The Cowboys were off on Monday for the first time of camp. But even though the team was back on the field Tuesday, the practice did not include Tony Romo.

The starting quarterback took another day off, although owner Jerry Jones said he's not at all concerned by the current or long-term health of Romo.

"No, not at all. I had a brief visit with it," Jones said in the middle of Tuesday's practice. "We feel real good. We're really pleased with the way he's practicing and the work he's getting down, both on and off the field. Nothing in any way would concern me about certainly his back."


When asked if Romo is fully healthy, Jones was adamant in an answer to a reporter.

"Yes, he's 100 percent. He's one hundred percent," Jones said. "We're just being real smart and sensitive about having come off the back surgery. He's certainly not losing any ground from the standpoint of opening up against San Francisco."

Obviously, the target date is to play Sept. 7 against the 49ers at AT&T Stadium. But Jones said he's not sure there will be a change in the preseason workload for Romo.

"I don't know that it would be any different than it's been in the past," Jones said. "If you look back in the past, he's been real limited early. Probably it would call for it more so this year because of the reps we want (Brandon) Weeden. We would really be pushing to get Weeden a lot of reps."

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