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Jones Says "Issues, Not Talent" Must Get Addressed First For Manziel

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear back in the 2014 draft of his stance on quarterback Johnny Manziel.

After two years in Cleveland, Jones said Tuesday he hasn't really changed his opinion on the lightning rod quarterback. Jones still views the former Texas A&M standout as a talented player that has his upmost respect.

But for now, Jones said there just can't be any interest in the Cowboys signing Manziel, who is now a free agent after being released by the Browns last week.

Jones is hoping Manziel can get his life in order and said doing that is a "far more important issue" than adding him to an NFL roster.

"As it would turn out, he's had a disappointing life experience, as it would pertain to his time in the NFL," Jones said. "I do respect him as a player and a talent. I want to talk about any way he could help that."

Jones said he wasn't sure if NFL rules allowed the Cowboys to give Manziel the type of help he would need, but certainly hopes the quarterback can receive it, in some form.

"The overwhelming response and overwhelming mentality is, if we're involved in any way, would be to help and encourage him to get it together and get his issues improved," Jones said. "Those issues, not in my mind, talent, are why he's free today. It's those issues are the overriding consideration here.

"My interpretation of how he's responded to the challenge of fame and the challenge of professionalism, has been compromised by a far more important issue. He needs to get the human elements and skills addressed. I think where he is, speaks for itself. That just has to be addressed."

Manziel, the Heisman Trophy winner in 2013, was drafted 22nd overall by the Browns, six spots after the Cowboys decided to pass on him with the 16th pick, where they took Zack Martin.[embeddedad0]

In his time with the Browns, Manziel started just eight games (2-6 starting record), and had numerous off-the-field issues that included going to an alcohol rehab center in the spring of 2015, and has been accused of domestic violence issues with an ex-girlfriend. With the Browns, Manziel reportedly missed team functions and was seen partying the night before in clubs, and once even in Las Vegas during the middle of the week in the football season.  

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