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Jones Sticks By Manning Comments; Not Criticizing Romo


IRVING, Texas – Owner/general manager Jerry Jones stands by the comments he made after the draft about wanting Tony Romo to spend "Peyton Manning type time on the job."

He just doesn't want it to come off as a criticism to Romo's previous work habits.

"I haven't seen anything I'm uncomfortable with written that was made out of it," Jones said. "It's not correct that it was a backhanded (statement) criticizing Tony for not spending as much time."

Jones said during his initial comments that Manning's involvement in an offense is a bonus to the general commitment of a top quarterback. Now that Romo has seven years of starting experience in the NFL, he's ready for Romo to assume similar duties as Manning.

"I think it's natural that (Romo) has evolved," Jones said. "He's qualified and prepared to do this now, where he wasn't maybe as early as three or four years ago. He's gained that kind of experience and that kind of skill that he can do that now."

Jones said he wants Romo using "everything that he's got in his computer." That means allowing Romo to have more involvement in the design and preparation of the game plan.

"If you've got that skill, let's use it," Jones said. "He didn't have that four, five years ago. He does have it now. He's got that respect that makes that potentially work. He's been involved and will be more involved going into these (Organized Team Activities)."

He emphasized that his comments weren't a shot at the effort Romo put in during his previous years with the team. Jones said Romo's always wanted to do whatever possible to help the team win, and Jones has been told by coaches who work closely with Romo that the quarterback's never had a bad idea.

Now Jones is ready to use that to his full advantage, the same way Manning's teams have.

"We wanted to look at the king of being involved that position, which I would call Peyton Manning, and how he operates," Jones said. "That would give you an idea of how he would strive to be. He's not Peyton Manning in terms of having the experience, but is there a mutual mindset with Tony, Jason (Garrett), coaches that can he have that kind of contribution? The answer is yes."

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