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Jones Talks Romo, Draft On NFL Network Pre-Draft Interview


On the amount of criticism quarterback Tony Romo takes:

"I can address specifically  some things that are said about Tony - his focus on quarterback, his offseason focus on playing quarterback - and I would say 'ridiculous'.  I don't know when I have been around a player, a man, that concentrates more on his day job with the Cowboys than Tony Romo. He is outstanding. When I list his qualities - his mettle, his focus – is at the top of his list. Second is his ability to see. When he steps up there, when it gets loud out there, he can see the cars on the highway. Those are the things that we really want to use. Because of his experience we are going to have him a lot more involved as we are getting ready to play and as we are playing."

On why quarterback  Tony Romo is worth $100 million dollars:

"When you have a player of his skills at his position, you don't have issues with that kind of commitment. We believe, I believe, Tony gives us an opportunity to compete at the highest level. His career, five years is 60 months and in my mind you can hold your breath for 60 months. I didn't have any problem making that  kind of commitment."

On where he thinks Tony Romo would be ranked by other NFL players on The Top 100 Players of 2013 list:

"What have you done for me lately always plays a large part in [voting scenarios]. If you look at his impact on success we have had, you would rate him pretty high as an indispensable ingredient of when we have had success here. I think it more my job, the coaches job, to get him in position to do some of those special things and if he did them and we had more success, you would see him up the charts on that top 100 list."

On trading in the NFL Draft:

"I have always been an active trader. I have always thought about it and I don't really care one way or another – up or down."

On how the Cowboys can improve tonight:

"We have to give Tony more time. That doesn't necessarily mean the offensive line. That could be the structure, the design of the offense."

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