Kickers Will Rotate; More Bailey On KOs

Garrett said there is a plan for the place-kickers Thursday night against the Broncos, but didn't exactly say it would be an equal split between incumbent starter David Buehler and rookie free agent Dan Bailey.

"It'll be systematic, not quite alternating," Garrett said following the final training camp practice in San Antonio Wednesday. "But each of them will get a chance and hopefully it will be an equal shot as the game goes on."

Obviously, Bailey has the unknown factor having never kicked in the league. But last year's Lou Groza Award winner as the nation's top kicker, Bailey has been virtually even with Buehler if not ahead on his kicks during practice.

However, special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis said practice never means too much.

"The games really matter for those guys," he said. "Practices are practices. They're nice to chart and go through and see. But the games really matter. They're both going to get their opportunities. Fortunately for David he's already had a body of work. Dan is going to have to get some work in the preseason and we'll see what he does."

As for kickoffs, it might be a different story. Expect Bailey to handle the majority of kickoffs early on for a couple of reasons.

Not only do the Cowboys want to see his performance in a game, but with the extra five yards now on the kickoff starting line, Buehler shouldn't have many problems getting through the end zone. For a preseason game, that doesn't help anyone.

"We need to see if we can cover the kicks," DeCamillis said. "That's what we need to see in the preseason."

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