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Last 2 Years Most Disappointing For Jones Behind '94 vs. 49ers

INDIANAPOLIS – There aren't many die-hard Cowboys fans who don't still talk about the 1994 NFC Championship Game against San Francisco. Many of them are still harping on a pass interference that wasn't called against Deion Sanders on Michael Irvin that might have changed the outcome. It might have led to the Cowboys winning three straight Super Bowls.

Jerry Jones said Saturday that loss remains his most disappointing moment since he bought the team back in 1989.

So what's No. 2? Well, Jones said that would be a combination of the last two seasons. Finishing 8-8 both years, with a season-finale loss on the road against a division rival has been rather hard to take for Jones.

"The most disappointing time and (to) have Romo and have the skill that he's got and not be knocking on the door …" Jones said. "Other than that year (1994), that has been the most disappointing thing. And that's why we're making changes like we're making. With Romo healthy the last two years I felt like we could do some things that might make a difference  coming up next year like we should."

And that's why Jones can justify some of these changes to the coaching staff, such as a new philosophy on defense and special teams. And perhaps, a new play-caller as well.

Jones added the 2002 season opener in Houston, losing to the expansion Texans in their inaugural game, is also a low-point in his career as owner/GM.

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