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Late To Be Meeting Rivals For First Time


For the second time in two seasons, the Cowboys will be facing a division opponent in Week 14 for the first time this year.

While the Cowboys and Giants know each other well, New York head coach Tom Coughlin said it's different to wait this long before playing a division team.

"Yes, it is different for us because we're used to playing the Cowboys (earlier in the season). But this is very consistent with Commissioner (Roger) Goodell's thoughts about divisional opponents, major games, division games late in the year."

Last season, the Cowboys played Philadelphia on Dec. 12 for the first time all year and then finished the year in Philly, similarly to the way the schedule was set up this year for the Cowboys and Giants.

"It certainly gives you a lot of tape to look at it," Coughlin said. "There have been some coaching changes there and there's plenty of material to become familiar with not only the personnel but how the personnel is being used. We do know many of the players there but there are some that we don't."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said there is more games to evaluate, but sometimes there can be too much tape.

"You have to be careful how much research you do," Garrett said. "Injuries have a lot to do with it. They have a lot of injuries earlier in the year and have been playing with different guys since then. You have to be in tuned to their roster and who's available to them."

It's been more than a calendar year since the Cowboys and Giants met up on Nov. 8, 2010 for Garrett's first game as head coach. While there might be a quick feeling-out process, it won't be too long before these division rivals get reacquainted Sunday night. And then once again, three weeks after that.

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