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Leftovers: Don't Write Off Matt Johnson At Safety Just Yet

With only an hour on the air and a room full of personalities, great e-mail questions occasionally fall through the cracks on the Cowboys Break and Talkin' Cowboys online radio shows. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion on Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air on Wednesday.


Does Matt Johnson starting out on the Physically Unable to Perform list pretty much dismiss his opportunity to push for a starting job this season?

*Bryan: *I don't think so. It does put him behind, but when on the field, he is a productive player. He is smart. He did a nice job when he came back for minicamp after missing all that time this summer. Don't write him off yet.


With all the time he has missed, will Morris Claiborne be as ready for camp and the season as the Cowboys need him to be?

Bryan:Claiborne will be ready to play because of his background, but there are going to be some days in camp when Miles Austin or Dez Bryant is going to make him look foolish. It's going to be about learning the speed of the receivers and their routes, but he will compete and get better from it.


What's going on at outside linebacker behind Anthony Spencer? Who do you see as a possible replacement in the future?

Bryan:I think there is going to be a nice battle between Alex Albright and Kyle Wilber. Both have good size, but Albright might have a little more of an advantage because Wilber played what they call the Jack linebacker, which is on the weak side, in college. But, he has looked comfortable so far on the strong side.


At some point in the season might we see an interior line of Nate Livings and Ronald Leary at guard and Mackenzy Bernadeau at center?

Bryan:I don't think so. The only thing that might hold Leary back is totally learning the scheme. He is more than physical enough, but to play offensive line in this league you have to have a real good understanding of what is happening around you. Last season, Tyron Smith had Kyle Kosier to get him through the season. Leary would need someone like that.


Do you feel Jason Garrett's history as a backup player allows makes him better suited to recognize the importance of competition on the roster?

Bryan:I was a scout with Garrett's father Jim for six years. He gets the idea of competition from his father and all those championship teams he played on. I really do believe that one of Jason Garrett's strengths is his ability with personnel, and as a scout that's all you can ask for.


Given the current competition for several spots on the roster, do you think he has a real chance to make the squad? Bryan:Cole Beasley is going to make himself difficult to release. There are things he does out of the slot that will help him play in this league. The question is, can he do some things on the outside with his height? He ran some really nice slants on Wednesday – that's an outside route. I know that Beasley is going to get every opportunity to make this team.

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