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Leftovers: Will Jenkins Compete For The Slot Corner Job?

With only an hour on the air, great e-mail questions occasionally fall through the cracks on the **Cowboys Break** and **Talkin’ Cowboys** online radio shows. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion on On Wednesday, Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air.

Andre, IL

Do you think the 'Boys will work Mike Jenkins in the slot when he returns, with the possibility of him moving in front of Orlando Scandrick in the nickel?

Bryan: Jenkins will get plenty of work once healthy, and it could be in the slot with the thought of Scandrick playing some safety. Jenkins has always been an outside player, but he does have the quickness and burst to play inside. However, that position takes a ton of work to be good at because you carry guys all over the field.

Jeff, TX

I haven't heard much on enhancing the running game. How much help will Lawrence Vickers be, and will he be in there for most of the game?

Bryan: I really do like the addition of Vickers at fullback, and what he can bring. He has already done a nice job catching the ball, but now that the team is in pads, we will get to see him block. I have said it all along: How quickly he and Murray mesh will tell you a lot about this running game.

Terry, KY

If no one emerges as a solid No. 3 receiver, what do you think about trying to trade Mike Jenkins to Green Bay for Randall Cobb?

Bryan: I know that the Packers are looking for a cornerback, but like the Cowboys they are not going to give players away. If they do move a wide receiver it will most likely be James Jones.

Chris, CT

I am intrigued by Aston Whiteside, Adrian Hamilton, Isaac Madison and Eddie Wesley. Can you talk about what chance any of these guys have of making the 53-man roster?

Bryan: Really like Hamilton, Madison and Wesley. It might be more difficult for Wesley because of the position, but Madison and Hamilton will get plenty of chances to shine in the preseason. Hamilton can play a couple of different positions, and Madison has done a nice job when the offense has tried to attack him in the air. Another player to watch is corner Lionel Smith, who also plays in the slot.

Casara, FL

Would it make sense at this point for the Cowboys to go out and get a veteran guard, like Vince Manuwai?

Bryan: That's a really good question about a player who has game experience and is physical. He was out of football last season, but before that he made over 100 starts for the Jaguars. He is a lot like Jason Brown of the Rams and Jeff Faine from Tampa Bay - players that you would have on the emergency board. I liked Brown when I had a chance to watch him this off season, and Faine was not bad on a Bucs line that simply got better with Carl Nicks. He is an interesting name.

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