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Linebacker Kyle Bosworth Gets His Crack At Fullback


IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys elected to go without a true fullback to start the season, but they're getting creative when they want to use one.

Linebacker Kyle Bosworth served as a fullback for short-yardage situations against the Redskins, lining up in the backfield on three plays in a win against the Redskins.

"He did a good job," said head coach Jason Garrett. "An important part of this game for us was converting third and shorts. I think we had three short-yardage plays in the game, and he did a good job. He's learning."

The Cowboys stressed the importance of the "12-personnel" in the offense before the season began featuring two tight ends without a fullback, and they've also successfully used their three wide receiver sets this season.

They didn't see the purpose in using a roster spot on a fullback, and they believe they have the personnel capable to play the position if they choose to go to the jumbo look. Bosworth wasn't a professional fullback, but they're fine with him in that role.

"He hasn't really done it before, but I thought one was particularly good," Garrett said. "I thought a couple of other runs were OK. I think he's just learning how to do it. He's not afraid to stick his nose in there. We know that. That's a positive thing." [embedded_ad]

Center Phil Costa also served as a short-yardage fullback option earlier this year, but he was inactive last weekend.

Garrett said the most natural position to transition to fullback is linebacker. He thinks Bosworth moves around well enough and is a good enough athlete to make that move when the Cowboys want a lead blocker.

"You're always looking for linebackers that might be able to use their size," Garrett said. "They see the game the same way, it's kind of just reversed. He's used to being a Mike linebacker taking on the fullback, now he's the fullback taking on the Mike linebacker. He's been in that environment a lot. It's a natural transition."

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