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Linehan: Would Be Disservice To Shake Up This Offense


IRVING, Texas – If new passing game coordinator Scott Linehan has a connection with the rookie players competing in Friday's minicamp at Valley Ranch, it's probably because he's been in their shoes.

For it was 27 years ago that Linehan was a rookie free agent for the Cowboys in 1987, trying to make the team as a quarterback. While a shoulder injury quickly ended his playing career and got him onto the coaching path, Linehan said it "seems like yesterday" when he was on these very fields throwing passes, although there have been many changes that have occurred since those Tom Landry days.

But speaking of changes, Linehan walked off the field after Friday's morning minicamp and said he's not expect many when comes to implementing an offensive system.

In fact, the passing game coordinator said it wouldn't be smart to shake up a unit that has been as successful as the Cowboys. Since Jason Garrett and Tony Romo were paired together in 2007, the Cowboys have finished in the top half of the NFL in offense every year, including four rankings in the Top 10. 

"We're really meshing some of the great things they've done here," said Linehan, who has 20 years of NFL coaching experience, including the last five as Detroit's offensive coordinator. "It would be a disservice to not continue a lot of the great things Jason and Bill (Callahan) and these guys have implemented in the last few years. As timing fits for us, as we get through our OTAs, we'll try to mesh some things that make sense. That'll happen as we go through the OTAs, but this is pretty much like the first day of school." [embedded_ad]

While the Cowboys are not replacing Callahan as the offensive coordinator, Linehan is expected to have a major role in orchestrating the game plan on a week-to-week basis.

In terms of terminology and language, Linehan said he's not expected major changes.

"I think the language will stay the same," Callahan said. "if there's something different, we'll introduce it and go on. We really have a shorter offseason now with these guys. If you go in and say, 'we used to call this apple but now it's orange,' that slows you down. There's no reason to do that. We'll keep the langue pretty much the same as it's been. You come out to play fast and operate – that's the goal."

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