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Lucky Whitehead "All For Competition" With New Draft Pick Switzer

FRISCO, Texas – When the Cowboys drafted Ryan Switzer out of North Carolina in the fourth round, many Cowboys fans had the same reaction: What does this mean for Lucky Whitehead?

Switzer is an all-purpose wide receiver and accomplished return man compared by many to Cowboys slot receiver Cole Beasley. He could complement a receiving core that brings back Brice Butler and Terrence Williams on new contracts (not to mention No. 1 receiver Dez Bryant).

At the Cowboys' Annual Golf Classic, Whitehead didn't claim to be too worried about having to fight for his reps.

"They're always bringing in competition," Whitehead said. "I've never been a person to fade away from competition. I look forward to helping and learning. I'm all for competition and competing."

Still though, last season Whitehead was able to see time on the field as the team's primary kick returner for much of the season. That's a role that the Cowboys' may very well have in mind for Switzer, who set an ACC record with seven punt returns for touchdowns in college. Switzer himself made the bold proclamation after the Cowboys selected him that he was the best returner in the draft.

Whitehead admitted that he knows what Switzer's addition could mean for his role on the team.

"He's a great athlete," Whitehead said. "It's definitely a heads up. You hear stuff or whatever, but I'm here to get better and to teach him. He's a young guy so I'm going to try to help him as much as I can and learn."

Whitehead said he genuinely wants to mentor Switzer, but also added that there are so many tricks to the position that he's hoping to learn a thing or two from the rookie as well.

"I want to teach him the ropes, whether he's in the slot, whether he's kick return or whatever," Whitehead said. "Whatever I can do to help him I definitely think he'll do the same for me."

Whitehead has been spending his offseason working on strength and flexibility, but he is also trying to develop better habits of watching film and staying prepared, citing that he wants to have more maturity as an athlete next season.

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