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"Made the Team" Making the Team Episode 1213 Preview

Tonight is the most anticipated episode of the season. From preliminary auditions and all through the summer, these ladies have been working towards the announcement of the team. If the the previous episodes of this season give any indication as to how the finale will play out, there surely will be surprises at every corner.

Throughout auditions and training camp it has been made clear the team will not take more than 36. But the squad has previously taken as few as 32. With the perfect number of 36 left, each candidate still in the game could have a spot on the field, but only if they live up to the world class name.

Once the team has been selected, it's time to fine tune everything and get ready for the first game of the season. The select few who are a part of the 2017-2018 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be given their new lockers at the Star and AT&T Stadium, their very own uniform, and first pair of white Lucchese boots.

The new rookies and now seasoned veterans will be forever in the history of the Dallas Cowboys as they are documented in the iconic squad photo. Each girl will be strategically placed, as Kelli Finglass said, in a beautiful bouquet of cheerleaders. This will be the first time all 36 will be together in the 15 stars.

This episode also features the Meet the Team event, which serves as both the last rehearsal before game and a chance for the family and friends to watch the first official performance of the 2017-2018 season.

And then, it's game day.  The moment all of the blood, sweat, and cheers have lead up to. The crowd will roar. The pig skin will fly. And the newly minted Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will take to the field. All of the preparation, late nights in the studio, guest choreographers, and the endless eight-counts have brought us to this moment. What serves as the grand finale of the season marks the beginning of a brand new journey. 

Will those who have worked for five years finally earn a pair of boots? Will the squad be a full 36? Who will make the team? Find out tonight on the season finale of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT at 10/9c. 

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