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Maibag: Moving On From Claiborne?; Concerns With Re-Signing McClain?

Fair to say if Claiborne was a late round draft pick, he would have been cut by now? If so, whatever happened to draft status shouldn't impact personnel decisions, especially after three failed years by Claiborne.

Bryan:Bad start to the day Michael? The Cowboys were not alone in their evaluation of Morris Claiborne. They took a shot much like they did with Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin – it hasn't worked out. Claiborne's contract under the new way that clubs operate is fully guaranteed so he is here regardless of what you would like to do with him now. That personnel decision was made a long time ago.   

David:Two things. Firstly, Claiborne was a first-round pick, which means his contract is fully guaranteed – which means there's not a whole lot to gain by letting him go. On top of that, the Cowboys spent a lot of resources to acquire him, which makes them more likely to give him some kind of chance to show what he can do. Late-round picks are much less expensive, which makes it much easier to move on from them.


With Rolando McClain's latest failed drug test & one away from a 4-game suspension, plus the arson issue out there, is it a huge risk to re-sign him to any kind of deal knowing that he may not be available if he is implicated in any wrong doings?

Bryan:There was a risk when they traded for him but to be honest I would be more concerned with his health going forward than any of the things that you have mentioned. If I don't feel like a player is going to stay on the field – why would I want to pay him?

David: It'd be unfair to implicate the guy in something he hasn't been charged with, but the offseason stories surrounding McClain surely have to be concerning. The drug test in particular is likely to affect his bargaining power, not just with the Cowboys, but with the entire league. If he does re-sign in Dallas, I would be surprised if it's for a substantial sum of money.

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