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Mailbag: 49ers Biggest Offensive Threat?


Who on the 49ers offense is your biggest threat to take over the game? I think Deebo Samuel is my biggest concern with all of his shallow routes creating great separation. He was a handful in last year's playoff loss. Or maybe Christian McCaffrey? Brock Purdy? Or is it the overall physicality that the 49ers bring? – Charles Southard/Lampasas, TX

Nick: You can list a lot of great skill players there and it seems like you even left off a couple. But to me, the biggest threat might be offensive tackle Trent Williams. He's still arguably the best tackle in the NFL and he's gonna be a problem for whoever lines up over there, even Micah Parsons. It might force Parsons to the left side as a rusher, a place he doesn't seem to prefer. Of course, he'll rush from any spot – usually finding the weak link. But it's not going to be Williams. I think he also gives the 49ers an edge with his physicality and that can carry over to the rest of the team. He'll probably not score a touchdown this week, but he might be the biggest threat.

Mickey: For me, it's my man Deebo. The only facet trumping his talent is his versatility. Is he a receiver? Or is he a running back? Well, he's both, and his run after catch as a receiver to second to none. And as a running back, as he demonstrated in last year's 23-17 beat down of the Cowboys in the first-round playoff game is proof. He may not have huge numbers, but it's when he makes plays. Deebo owns the moment.

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