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Mailbag: A legit chance to land LB Shaq Leonard? 


Do we have a legitimate chance to get Shaq Leonard? This doesn't seem like the type of move we do in the middle of the season. But is it possible and if so, would this be a good fit? — Mark Jensen / Lawrence, Kansas

Patrik: There is always the possibility he chooses to go elsewhere, seeing as free agency is a two-way street and all, but the Cowboys clearly had a very real shot at landing Leonard. Better still is the fact that a meeting is taking place, i.e., he's so interested that he's taking a flight from Indianapolis (where he was seen on Sunday at a Colts game) to Dallas, and that means the interest is mutual. Additionally, from the team's perspective, it means they have enough optimism regarding his medical feedback that they're interested in hosting him this week. If this isn't at all promising for their chances, I don't know what would be. There are undoubtedly other teams after him as well, including in the same division as Dallas, so there's no guarantee he ends up a Cowboy. But, all told, including relationships with Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks (plus the Gus Bradley, Dan Quinn friendship), and the fact the Cowboys are a contender as well, I could see this being a very real courtship ... with all of the fixings.

Nick Eatman: Well, the fact that there is a reported visit on the horizon means there is interest. On Thursday, Jerry Jones said the team has made contact with Leonard and they were doing their research. Now, there appears to be a visit this week, so apparently the Cowboys like what they've found out. That doesn't mean the money will work out because it appears as if Leonard is looking for a big contract, which is probably the reason it didn't work out in Indy. But this makes sense longer than this year if he is at least healthy enough to play. He might not be what he was a few years ago, but he was pretty dang good. With LVE's injury, I could see the Cowboys addressing linebacker early in the draft next year and/or free agency. So if you can get a jump on this with a signing like this, I'd be all for it.

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