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Mailbag: A Steal At RB; Keeping An Eye On 2020?


Why was Mike Weber taken so low? Very comparable to the top two backs taken in the draft. Even a little faster. In my opinion, better than the Tony Pollard pick. - JOSHUA JONES / OREM, UT

Bryan: I had Pollard higher on my board. I believe they had that flipped but in the same spot. My gut tells me that we're going to see more of Pollard this season due to his unique skill set as far as being a receiver. 

Rob: He's a different pick than Pollard because he's a more traditional between-the-tackles runner. Some observers feel he doesn't make enough defenders miss on his own. But the Cowboys had a much higher grade on him – multiple rounds higher than the seventh – so they like his potential.


While you guys always promote 'best player available' vs. drafting for need, one could say Dallas may have drafted for 2020 needs. With contracts coming up on La'el and Maliek Collins, and safeties Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier, it seems we drafted for all those future holes while maybe going for best player available as well. Your thoughts? - JEFF NEISTEIN / WOODLAND HILLS, CA

Bryan: I know that's the case with McGovern. The selections of Joe Jackson, Mike Weber and Jalen Jelks were based strictly on the grade that they had for those players. The value was too good for them to pass up and followed who was on their board. 

Rob: There's probably some truth to that. I do think defensive tackle and safety were probably the two positions where rookies could compete for playing time this year, not just next year. Guard/center Connor McGovern was also simply their best player available – the last remaining second-round prospect on their board. If you look across their roster, they've got 2020 free agents at just about every position, including wide receiver, which wasn't addressed in the draft.

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