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Mailbag: Another Player Like Steele on the Roster?


A couple of years back everyone wanted the Cowboys to cut Terence Steele, but the staff knew better and continued to work with him to get him to this level. Do you think there is another Steele on this team and that's why they haven't reached too deep into free agency to get offensive line help?– Kevin Titus/Billings, MT_

Nick Harris: The offensive line depth was certainly something I expected to be addressed during the draft in a more impactful way than it was, and none of the depth guys give me a ton of confidence going into OTAs. Does that mean that one can't sneak onto the radar before training camp? Certainly not, but I don't see a player that resembles the type of position that Terence Steele was in at this point a couple of years back. There isn't a depth guy that is facing that much pressure nor do I feel like there is a guy that can make a similar type of impact. Again, that's just as of now. I would like to see free agency get tapped into, but also I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to this franchise when it comes to developing offensive line talent and having what is needed up front to help the offense succeed.

Patrik: I love this question because it also acknowledges the road Steele has traveled to become a definitive starter in the NFL, up from the ranks of the undrafted. I'm on record as saying I wanted the team to address the offensive line on the first two days of the draft, but I do love the potential of Asim Richards; though I'll go a bit deeper in answering your question and draw a circle around Matt Farniok and Alec Lindstrom — a former seventh-round pick (2021) and undrafted talent (2022), respectively. Jerry Jones spoke a lot about needing the young guys to step up and both Farniok and Lindstrom have the ability, they simply need to make the jump in 2023 to help solidify the interior of the offensive line. That is especially true with Tyler Biadasz entering a contract season. So if I had to place my bet on who might be the next Terence Steele, I'd probably bet on one of those two guys.

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