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Mailbag: Any concern about level of competition?


Are you concerned about the level of competition leading up to the Eagles rematch on Dec. 10? We've got Panthers, Commanders, Seahawks while Philadelphia has Chiefs, Bills, Niners. Any ideas on how we stay at a high level, regardless of the competition?– Les Hoffman/Pell City, AL

Nick Harris: If it were any other league, I think there would be some level of concern, but in the NFL there really isn't anything negative you can take from playing a bad opponent. Considering the talent level of the upcoming opponents and the offensive kinks that can be worked out against upcoming opponents, I think this stretch comes at a perfect time before welcoming the Seahawks and Eagles into AT&T Stadium.

Mickey: Well, no. You just work hard to remaining playing at a high level to match the same level the Cowboys played at to annihilate the Giants. You can only play who they tell you to play and guarantee you the Eagles are not sitting there rejoicing they must at the Chiefs, Bills, Niners and at the Cowboys over the next four weeks, plus Seattle after that. The whole deal is working on improving in each game you play, no matter the opponent or circumstance. As Dak Prescott continues to say, "This is about us," and couldn't agree with him more. The only thing that matters now is winning.

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