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Mailbag: Any Pro Bowl snubs for the Cowboys?


The Cowboys were well-represented in the Pro Bowl once again. With an 11-win season already, it almost seems like seven Pro Bowls wasn't enough. I'm happy for the guys that got in, but don't you think we could've had another O-linemen or maybe even Jake Ferguson? Who got snubbed? — Don McClure / Rowlett, Texas

Patrik: I am with you 100 percent on this. I just wonder if it's a situation wherein "someone" just didn't want to overload the Pro Bowl roster with just one team? I don't know, but that's me thinking out loud here. In any event, not seeing Tyler Smith named to the Pro Bowl feels like a bit of a travesty, given the fact he's literally one of the best guards (and offensive linemen, period) in the entire league and having gotten to this point of his development so quickly is inhuman. I'd also toss in DeMarcus Lawrence, a 2022 Pro Bowler who has once again proven he's one of the best in the business on the defensive line, time and again. I believe Jake Ferguson is on the cusp, but I wouldn't count that as a snub quite yet (I might in 2024, though). But for Smith and Lawrence, I mean seriously, I need some answers.

Nick Eatman: I'm usually one that will campaign for a few others, but honestly, seven is a pretty big number already. I think you could always make a case for guys like Tyler Smith, maybe Tyron Smith and even DeMarcus Lawrence, but I don't think I would consider them "snubs." Coming into Wednesday, you knew the Cowboys were going to get six for sure. I mean, it would've been a travesty if Dak, Zack, CeeDee, Bland, Aubrey and Micah didn't make it. I wasn't sure who else would sneak in, but it's good to see Bryan Anger make it again. As for the guys left out, it's just tough for D-Law is just the lack of sacks. But he makes a huge difference on defense, and the Lions game is a huge example. Tyler Smith is also worthy, but the amount of penalties might hurt him a little. He does have 13 penalties, the most on the team. But I think he's going to be an outstanding player and will probably have plenty of Pro Bowls before it's all said and done.

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