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Mailbag: Are Austin's Hamstrings Still Holding Him Back?


Is it me, or is Miles still not at 100 percent with his hammy? He doesn't have the burst or explosion that we have seen in the past, and seems at times to be a liability.

Nick: I think he's been close to 100 percent. I wouldn't call him a liability at all. I think he's had his share of questionable moments this year, but who hasn't? The Cowboys are spreading the ball around to all of their receivers. Still, this guy is on pace to have about 1,200 receiving yards with about 75 catches. That's hardly a liability.

Jonny: It's possible that he's not 100 percent, but I wouldn't scoff at what he's been able to do this season. He has yet to really be the go-to guy like Witten or Bryant have been in certain games, but he's been relatively consistent and has come through with some big plays in games this year.  


Do you think the Cowboys should consider benching Doug Free?

Nick: You have to be smart for the whole team. Benching someone for a bad game doesn't make sense when you have no backup, especially not one capable of playing to the same level. You have to try and fix the mistakes and move on quickly. But the Cowboys really have no other options.

Jonny: I think the Cowboys would like to have the luxury to consider benching Doug Free. But that's not a realistic option right now, especially with Tyron Smith's recent injury. Cowboy fans got a taste of Jeremy Parnell and I'm not sure they liked what they saw there either. If the Cowboys were to bench Free, it would just be for the sake of benching him. It's doubtful, as of now, they would get any better results elsewhere.

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