Mailbag: Are Combine Workouts Overrated? Which Position Isn't A Need?



How do scouts and coaches keep themselves from falling for a guy when he has a really good Combine workout? And how do you not let a few underwhelming reps scare you off from potential picks?

Bryan: That's a wonderful question. I have always used the Combine to confirm what I observed on tape. If guy tests well and plays well, it's good. If he doesn't test well but plays well, I tend to side with the tape. On the other hand, if he tests great but plays poorly on tape, I will go back and study him again to see if I missed anything. More times than not, I keep the player in the round where I saw him before the Combine.

Rob:I asked Bryan this exact question at the Combine, since he's pretty familiar with this scouting and drafting thing, and I agree with his approach. Tape first is generally a good rule of thumb.



Other than kicker and punter, which position(s) do you think the Cowboys will not address in the draft?

Bryan: I just don't know how you can go in a draft and have the attitude that we're not drafting players at certain positions because you already have a guy there. The draft offers you an avenue to make your team better even with your current roster. There might be a player there that you didn't expect that's an upgrade over a current guy you like. I have never been a room where we didn't keep our eyes wide open to possibilities.

Rob:Depends on what they address in free agency, but your question brings up an interesting point. As things stand right now, there are very few spots on this roster where you can say, "Nope, they're set." Maybe they don't draft a corner again – especially with Byron Jones likely to get a look there – but Jerry Jones said at the Combine they wouldn't rule out corner because they have so many picks. Drafting a quarterback to develop behind Dak Prescott shouldn't be out of the question, either. This is why I believe Dez Bryant needs to be back in 2018. Why create another massive need for yourself?

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