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Mailbag: Are Offenses Ahead Of Defenses So Far?


The Atlanta win was fun and a good gut-check, but overall does this team meet your expectations after two games? It seems like, if we can stay around .500 the first six weeks and then get some players back, we have a chance to outscore most teams, even without a dominant defense. – LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

Nick: I think I agree with everything you said. Fun win, showed some heart and all that, but there are concerns. But you have to acknowledge the injuries. If this team can survive this stretch, and I think the schedule suggests they can, they'll have a shot.

David: I never would've dreamed this is how they'd get to 1-1, but yeah I can't say I'm shocked. This is a very talented team with some obvious flaws and a long list of injuries. This game in Seattle is going to be tough, but after that they've got a nice run of games against some manageable opponents. If they can tread water for two more weeks, I think they've got a shot to make some hay in October.

Half the teams in the league scored at least 30 points this week. Is it possible that the Dallas defense isn't as bad as we think – that most defenses are struggling early this season? – MARCUS WHITT / MULLENS, WV

Nick: That's another good point. And let's not act like the Cowboys haven't faced teams that have been to the Super Bowl in recent years. I really don't think the defense is that bad. The fact the Cowboys basically had five turnovers and the score wasn't worse, is a credit to the defense. Just somehow, they've got to find a pass rush. If that can happen without having to blitz half the team, then I believe they will be Ok in the long run.

David: Nobody wants to hear excuses, but I think we're watching the result of a lot of new players coming together in a new scheme for the first time. This group isn't elite, but they have the ability to be average. I've been encouraged by the way the DBs are playing the ball, and the tackling really seemed to improve in Week 2. Like Nick said, they just need the pass rush to pick it up. Hopefully that comes as some of these veteran players get their feet underneath them with more reps.

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