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Mailbag: Are the Cowboys really this good?


40-0, on the road, against a division rival … are the Cowboys really this good? Is it time to book a flight to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl? – Tony Wilson/Memphis, TN

Kurt: It's hard not to have high hopes after a win that was truly historic, but we have to remember it was just one game and the first one at that, which is what we'd be telling ourselves if they had lost (and is what Mike McCarthy and the coaches are likely preaching as well). Because while everything about this team, particularly the defense, looks championship-caliber after that dismantling of the Giants, there is still a long ways to go with extremely tough matchups ahead against teams such as the 49ers, Dolphins and Lions, who all looked pretty stout in their Week 1 victories also. And, of course, there are those two showdowns with the Eagles, the reigning NFC champs, still on the horizon. Heck, even next week's home opener vs. Aaron Rodgers and the Jets isn't going to be a walk in the park. So enjoy the win knowing the Cowboys are truly going to be contenders, but maybe hold off on the travel plans just yet.

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