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Mailbag: Are The Cowboys Set At Tight End?


The Cowboys didn't draft a tight end. Does it appear they feel more comfortable with the current depth compared to other positions? Also, I am interested to hear more about Dalton Schultz's role in the coming year. For the little he has played, he has done reasonably well, albeit with not a lot of playing time. DAVE STENFORT / SAN JOSE, CA

Nick: Well they did sign Blake Bell in free agency to help with the blocking so I would imagine he's the primary backup to Jarwin. Right now, we haven't seen a lot of contribution from Schultz. I think he would be the favorite to be the third tight end but the Cowboys liked Sean McKeon from Michigan and got him as a free agent after the draft. And watch out for Cole Hikutini, who was on the practice squad all last year. He might have a chance to sneak onto the roster.

Jonny: The Cowboys are clearly more confident in their tight ends than I am, and that's probably a good thing. My logic coming into the offseason was that if Jarwin and Schultz were showing exciting potential in practice last year they would have forced the coaching staff to take snaps away from a Jason Witten who was completely devoid of acceleration. But Jarwin got a big extension and the Cowboys didn't draft a tight end. So perhaps Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones were just being loyal to Witten. With Witten now a Raider, both guys are going to get more opportunities and they're surrounded by weapons all around them. We'll find out soon enough if they can get the job done.

I'm surprised how the 2020 Cowboys schedule is being panned. Yes, the start and end of the schedule is a challenge, but in between is a vast list which would be fairly easy pickings for an under-the-radar contender. Do you agree that it is a very good schedule for a Cowboys fan? — GILBERTO HERNANDEZ / LEANDER, TX

Nick: Well, I've learned a long time ago not to get too excited one way or another about the schedule. There's always 2-3 teams every year that surprise you that we didn't see coming. The Cowboys were supposed to have problems with the Rams at the end of the year, but blew them out. But who was really worried about the Bills on Thanksgiving? Just saying, that's really hard to look at anything right now. You know the division games will be tough. But you also know the Cowboys should have enough talent to win every game on the schedule.

Jonny: Well, I agree that it is a great schedule for Cowboys fans in terms of providing a lot of entertainment. It looks challenging from my vantage point, but I don't think any of those teams are looking at the Cowboys as a pushover either. My eyes are on those final four games, though. I expect Dallas to enter the last quarter of the season with their destiny in their hands, something that didn't exude confidence in fans during the Jason Garrett era. I'm a big believer in Joe Burrow, and the Cowboys will finish the season against Burrow's Bengals, the 49ers, and then two division games against the Eagles and Garrett's Giants. I think those four games are going to be an interesting glimpse at what the McCarthy era will look like in Dallas.

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