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Mailbag: Are The Lack Of Turnovers Stressed Too Much?

Do you think the lack of turnovers is being blown out of proportion? Hasn't this unit looked impressive in terms of stopping the ball and just getting off the field overall?

Jonny: I would certainly agree that the lack of turnovers has been blown out of proportion. I think the defense has played very well at most points of the season. The passing defense has been especially stout (in comparison to a season ago) so it seems a bit nit picky to fault the secondary for having just one interception. Turnovers have a lot to do with luck. That being said, the defense has to put themselves in the position to get lucky. The pressure has to be there and players need to make big plays.

Rowan: Of the 10 teams that have created the most turnovers, seven have winning records. Of the top 10 teams with the best turnover differential, eight have winning records. While the No. 1 goal of a defense is to stop the other team from moving the ball, those that can hand the ball back to their offense on a greater rate tend to win more ball games. I don't think a failure to create turnovers is something to take lightly. Chicago's one of the most feared defenses in the league, and that's largely because offenses know any play can result in six points the other way.

Why is Matt Johnson still taking a roster spot with his continual hamstring issues?

Jonny: I think it's a fair question on Matt Johnson and I'm not quite sure there's a simple answer. Obviously, the easy answer is that they really like the potential of what they saw from him out of college and I think that's part of it. But there's probably something to the fact that his injuries haven't exactly been major, rather continual flare ups one after another. This has allowed him to seem as though he is relatively close to returning. The thought of cutting a player that the front office valued out of the draft, when there is the chance he is close to being healthy, is a daunting one. They don't want another team to capitalize off of his talents after being so patient.

Rowan: I certainly thought the latest injury would move Johnson to Injured Reserve. Johnson would have likely had a role on special teams and possibly in the safety rotation last week at Carolina had he stayed healthy. The Cowboys clearly like what they see out of Johnson while he's not hurt. The problem now is it's gotten to a point where it doesn't seem the nagging hamstring injuries are going away. It may be time to shut him down soon barring a quick recovery.

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