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Mailbag: Assessing Rookie Cornerbacks? Dan Skipper's Shot At The 53?

Do you think that all the rookie DB's will make the 53-man roster even though they have been injured? Also, will they take someone else's spot that may be important? Like linebacker or receiver?

Bryan: I don't see Marquez White currently making the final 53. That could change if they sustain an injury. There hasn't been a linebacker or wide receiver that has made me feel like they need to go long at those positions. If you were to go long, Noah Brown would be my guy. 

David:I think Marquez White is currently the big question mark. Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis are obvious locks, and I think Xavier Woods has played well enough to merit a spot. Right now, I think you could argue that Duke Thomas has had a better camp than Marquez White – though you could also argue that White has more upside in the long-term. On top of that, would the coaches prefer to keep five cornerbacks or six? That, along with his level of play, is what's going to determine whether White makes the team.

I was just wondering, what is everyone's thoughts about Dan Skipper? Is there a chance that he makes the team? I haven't heard his name a lot during these preseason games, but when I've seen him he always seems to be playing hard and always playing to the whistle.

Bryan: I think Dan Skipper is well liked by his offensive teammates. He has been much better in games than he has been in practice. I have always thought of him as a potential practice squad player and that hasn't changed for me. His lack of strength is his biggest issue, and because he is so long body wise I don't believe that's going to change. 

David:Due to roster limits, I'd be fairly surprised to see Dan Skipper make the 53. The Cowboys have too many needs to carry more than eight or maybe nine offensive linemen, and the math just doesn't work out. Having said that, I know the coaches really like him – and I bet they think they can work with him. The Cowboys tend to keep a few offensive linemen on their 10-man practice squad, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Skipper is one of them.

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